The Foundation

Birthed from the embers of tragedy rose a fire of hope through training of America's brightest high school athletes

Birthed from the embers of tragedy, the Kyle Braid Leadership Foundation owes its existence to the loss of Ken's son, Kyle. Indeed, it was the impetus of tragedy that sent Ken off into a world filled with heartaches and disappointed people espousing an ideology of leadership by example by way of training the best high school athletes to model leadership behaviors and moral conduct.

He built a ranch high up in the mountains of Colorado, equipped with a gym, a basketball court, small cabins for the alumni trainees, and an old west styled hotel for high school teachers and other support staff.

He brought in highly trained professional counselors and horses to ride into the mountains, a skeet course, a target practice range, and paintball equipment.

Training in the High Schools

In addition to the Ranch training, Ken Braid met frequently with hundreds of high schools and JKB alumni to carry out fund raisers, coaching clinics, and various community based projects. It was a grand scheme which accomplished much in educating America's youth to lead. And the result was much comradery, and a spirit of "get it done", the likes of which have not been seen before in our high schools.

But the greater good is yet to come. After 20 years of the J. Kyle Braid Leadership Foundation, Ken has called it quits to that leg of his journey and has begun a fresh, and a new venture - designed to augment the teachings and future directions of JKB by way of coaching and mentoring.

Introducing the Kyle Braid Leadership Foundation. The new child of Ken Braid, this foundation's drive and goal is to teach America's high school coaches how to effectively coach America's best high school athletes.